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Welcome to the wiki for The Shadows of Tyranny! This is a good place to start if you’re looking for more information about our campaign. You can head on over here if you’re looking for what we’re all about, or you can look around this section. If you’re looking for a good start, check The Story section below.

It should be noted that this wiki details many places and factions already detailed quite extensively in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide. While we have some basic information, the main things included in this wiki are the unique quirks that are relevant to the Shadows campaign. So while there’s plenty to say about The Purple Dragons of Cormyr, for example, the things you’re going to find there are the relevent chapters of the military that played a key role in our campaign. Likewise, if you look in the NPC Tracker, you’re unlikely to see much of the background info on Szass Tam, Dark Lord of Thay, and more likely to find out how he’s relevant to the War of Tyrants.

Have a look around, and thanks for checking us out. Leave a comment or rating if you feel so inclined. Enjoy!

The Story

The collected tales and stories of the Shadows campaign.


The heroes of this story: every character played by a real person at some point.


The relevant places visited in the Shadows campaign


The relevant factions that took part in the “War of Tyrants”.

The People

The cast of the Shadows campaign, as played by the DM. This is a link to the NPC Tracker, also found on the tab above.

Main Page

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