This a list of relevant factions in the struggle in Shadows of Tyranny. Like most other sections of this wiki, most of the information is the information relevant to the story. Most of these factions are from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide.


The Purple Dragons

The military of Cormyr, this strong defense force is divided by chapters, and is the foundation for the resistance against Thay and the cults.

The Five Companies

The Five Companies, with their airships, see the war as good for business, but their conscience keeps them on the side of the allies of Cormyr.

The Church of Torm

Residing in Elturgard, the organization of Holy Champions is an ancient and ornate force often bordering on conservative zealotry.

The Church of Kelemvor

This young group of grim Doomguides, championed in the cause by Morgrim Ironhide, work closely with Cormyr, aiding the nation in their holy war against Thay.

The Uthgardt Barbarians

The barbarians of the surviving Blue Bear Tribe and Tree Ghost tribe have helped the heroes along the way, offering what assistance they could to Cormyr and the people of Loudwater.


The Zulkirs of Thay

Lead by Szass Tam, Dark Lord of Thay, the undead hordes of this ugly wasteland march on Cormyr from The Citadel. Lead in the west by Thranidox, Zulkir of Thay,they must conquer Cormyr if Szass Tam hopes to recreate his diabolical ritual.

The Cult of the Dragon

Lead by unknown forces, this cult has many faces, and is lead by it’s greatest soldiers, the “Weareres of Purple”. This cult seeks to help Dragons seek immortality my helping them become Liches.

The Order of the Blue Fire

Under the guise of a helpful support group, this cult views the Spellplague as a holy occurance, and wishes to recreate it’s effects and wreak magical havok.

The Najarans

A hated enemy of Cormyr, Naraja has been an ally to Thay, having been made great promises by Szass Tam. They are lead in this effort by Ambassador Ssthisa.


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