The following are the PCs of the campaign. In the “Main” section, you have the core group of 3, which consists of the players that were in the campaign’s core body of players. The first three had been present in every single session (with very minor exceptions), and the second two were added one after the other at levels 9 and 13.

The characters in the “Allies” section are characters that were temporary. These stuck with the group from anywhere between 2 to 6 sessions, playing important story roles. These were either played by the same players as the main characters (for balance or story reasons), but were mostly visitors playing one-off characters on spring break or some such thing.


Sirron Vel

The leader of the Dawn Heroes, a general of both continents who inspired courage and overthrew tyrants, played by Max Polsky.

Morgrim Ironhide

A Doomguide of Kelemvor who took the holy light of his god against the greatest undead foes of all time, played by Travis Plummer.

Nymeria Norathem

The arcane soldier who took on the great burden of restoring balance to the natural world, played by Natasha Schneider.

Mathas Lightbringer

The chosen hero of the Elturel, who became incarnate and fought against his god’s enemies, played by Jack Smith IV.


Myinal Nyraniem of the Silent Room

The eladrin wizard from the Silent Room in Cormyr, who first identified the Stepping Stones and accompanied them to Suzail, played by Liz Macyshyn.

Midshipman Thekla Vol’Tarrus of The Bucaneer’s Tear

The drow rogue who betrayed Dara, the Lady of Shadows and took work aboard the Buccaneer’s Tear, played by Eddie Dughi.

Wil Varis, the Planeswalker

The half-elf star-pact warlock, who journeyed with the characters through The Shadowfell, played by Travis Plummer.

Reza Khairat

The human rogue who assisted the heroes in killing Gwilith, Queen of the Garden of Blood while in Calimshan, played by Daniel Perez.

Hunter the Dragonslayer

The gnome sorcerer who helped the characters kill Amun-Axis, Lord of the Sands, played by Jake Vogt.

Erdan Illikan of the Gatekeepers

The elven druid who helped Nymeria Norathem escape captivity by Trinith at the Mother Tree, played by Max Polsky.


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