Chief Tordran of the Tree Ghosts

The eldest of the Tree Ghosts, Tordan is a stern leader who is brave, and gets along well with his Earlanni allies.


Tordran has the stats of a Bugbear Bloodghost Hunter from Dragon 366

Thordren is a man of the woods, covered in furs, scars of battle, and laden with muscle and hide armor. He is friendly, stern, and somewhat mysterious. He is more intelligent than he lets on, and hides his age well.


Tordran grew up among the Earlanni, as a child among the Tree Ghosts. Every year, each village must offer the one strongest of it’s young men to the Grandfather Tree. These men protect the forest, and are the Tree Ghosts, the silent barbarians, the men of the wood. Tordran showed great promise at a young age, and was a wise student of the previous chieftain. When exploring one day as a boy with Morg the Gnarled, he found himself in Turlang’s grove at the Grandfather Tree. Turlang talked with the young warrior for a long time, and came to know him as a friend. Tordran continued to visit Turlang, and they became close allies.

Since then, Tordran has been a wise member of the inner circle of leaders in the Council. He is respected as a military leader, and is called to offer wisdom at times of the utmost importance.

In “Convening of the Council”, Tordran watches quietly from afar with Morg by his side. Morg offers his suspicions, but Tordran reserves judgment.

Chief Tordran of the Tree Ghosts

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