Father Tolvalis, Speaker of the Grandfather Tree

Father Tolvalis is the leader of the Gatekeepers, the ancient order of Earlanni elves that maintains the gates keeping the fey crossing fo the High Forest closed.


Tolvalis is an ancient and elder looking elf, who carries a long gnarled staff. He is well-kept for his age, but often has someone by his side to help him walk or manage difficult forest terrain.


Since he was young, he trained under the tutelage of Turlang and the eldest Gatekeepers, chosen by Turlang himself to be the next leader of the ancient order. When the previous Great Father passed away, he took his place, traveling in person to the City of Life to meet with Queen Dydania herself. Having been given the blessing of the Queen of Life, he has since served as a wise leader.

When Trinith the Ash Queen began to move against her sister, Tolvalis called together some of his strongest allies, including King Praem, Provost Aluin Cenador, and Curuvar the Brazen, a wizard who’d ventured to visit the elves from a nearby town. The battles with Trinith wore Tolvalis down significantly, yet he perseveres, strong and wise.

In “Convening of the Council”, Tolvalis speaks on behalf of the Great Elders, translating into common on their behalf.

Father Tolvalis, Speaker of the Grandfather Tree

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