Midshipman Thekla Vol'Tarrus of The Bucaneer's Tear

A lithe and agile drow rogue, Thekla ha more than her fair share of blood on her hands.


Thekla Vol’Tarrus was a drow rogue played by Eddie Dughi.

Thekla is tall for a drow, thin, and covered with a few tattoos a many scars. She carries a short sword, many long throwing knives, and a deep cloak.


Thekla is a drow expatriate who in the last couple of years has settled in Loudwater. Initially a thief, she became much more ambitious, and is convinced by Dara, the Lady of Shadows to join the gang. She works her way high in the ranks, but develops a relationship with Narrows, the Theif, which leads to disaster. When she realizes that the gang is involved in the smuggling of children, however, she begins to look for ways out of the gang…

In “The Lady of Shadows”, Thekla sneaks aboard the River Maiden and kills narrows. She then tries to sneak into Starra’s knife shop, but is seized by Morgrim. She then leads to Cormyrians to the gang’s hideout, and kills Dara, the Lady of Shadows.

In “The Explorers Ball”, she attends in a long silk gown bought with the money from the hideout. She manages to find employment under Captain Shill Yargo of The Buckaneer’s Tear. She stays with the heroes until their arrival in Suzail, where she bids them farewell.

Midshipman Thekla Vol'Tarrus of The Bucaneer's Tear

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