Deanna "Starra" Star

Originally a knife-shop owner from Loudwater, Starra has joined up with the Underdragons in Calimshan.


Starra has the stats of a Halfling Prowler (Level 10), and carries an assortment of magic knives.

Starra is covered in tattoos and piercings, and wears long dark hair. Since joining the Underdragons, she wears dark cloaks over her tabbard, underneath which are bandoleers and belts covered in magical daggars and short swords. She is nimble, dangerous, feisty, strong, and quick with a joke.


Starra was born into a riverboat clan of halflings from Tethyr. In her clan, she was not allowed to do her own selling and trading, though she had quite an affinity for craftsmanship as a young woman. When they came to [[Loudwater]] one market day, she set up shop in an abandoned smithy and bade farewell to her clan. She fell in love quickly with the frontier town. Starra helps the militia and Captain Harrowleaf when they’re in need, and is looked on kindly as a sort of protector and friendly face.

In [[Serpents and Slavers]], Starra assisted the characters by leading them to Brosha Manx, and in turn helping them catch Narrows and Thekla.

In [[Into Times Past]], Starra joins them on what looks to be a vacation into [[The Greypeaks]]. She was quite shaken to be thrown back into the golden days of Sarrack’Var, and helped Curuvar get safely to the heart of the mountain.

In [[The Alleys of Almraiven]], Starra joined Damascus and [[The Resistance]] in keeping a close eye on the characters. When she was discovered, she fled, throwing daggers behind her to discourage the pursuit. When she was caught by Nymeria, they discover that she’s joined up with the military for the war effort, and is a member of the Underdragons. She stayed and supported the characters through their stay in [[Calimshan]].

Deanna "Starra" Star

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