Captain Shill Yargo of The Buckaneer's Tear

A halfling privateer, the fiesty captain is a shrwed trader, and a powerful force to be reckoned with.


Shil Yargo has a stat block in the “Five Companies” section of the Campaign Guide.

Shil is short, with a tight, cruel, and pretty face. She talks in short, clipped sentences, and doesn’t put up with much bullshit.


Shil is descendant from Pirate King Yargo of Old Yaulazna. She grew up very entitled, and insisted on working as a privateer aboard the family’s ship. While the rest of her family ran the business, she was more interested in fighting and flying. It was eventually realized that she was a natural heir, and when her older brother Kimble was killed in a clash with wyvern-riding gnolls, she took over.

In “The Explorers Ball”, Shil’s ship arrives just in time for the ball, where she is introduced to the heroes. As a favor to Lady Moonfire, she agrees to take the heroes to Suzail on her planned route. Also, she agrees to give a job to Thekla, who seems able-bodied for privateering.

In “Voices in the Watchtower”, she introduces the heroes to the Blue Bear Tribe, and tries hard as hell to get off the mountain, and on her planned route.

In “Shadows Over Netheril”, she joins the skirmish of raiding Kir-Lanan warriors, killing three gleefully.

In “The Return to the Frontier”, she takes the heroes back to Loudwater, and gives them a hearty goodbye.

Captain Shill Yargo of The Buckaneer's Tear

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