High Shaman Sancosug

A sceming leader of goblins, Sacosug is fierce, yet easily gullible.


Sancosug’s stats are found in the Campaign Guide, where he is ridiculously overpowered.

Sancosug is a wild looking goblin, who covers himself in totems and arcane carvings. He has a shrill voice, and is always both stern and sad.


Sancosug is the high shaman of a clan of goblins that lives along the Delimbyr flow. They normally keep a low profile, but one day were approached by Lord Jarlix of the Purple, a cultist looking to keep his head low. They housed Jarlix and his companions in exchange for a white dragon egg, the one that would give birth to Yarlizithax of the Riverbed. Jarlix convinced them that they could also raise the bones of a dead black dragon in a nearby barrow if they could steal a totem from Loudwater.

Sancosug and his fellow goblins became attached to Yarlizithax, and they soon set out to enact the ritual which would raise Rigziaxis, a dead skull dragon, who would serve him as a weapon.

In “Into the Frontier” when the heroes arrived, they killed the wyrmling and destroyed Sancosug’s clan. They took the miserable Sancosug and jailed him.

In “Serpents and Slavers”, Sancosugs surviving followers bartered the location of the treacherous Jarlix with the High Shaman’s freedom. Sancosug then built a sizable shrine in the forest for his dead friend, no knowing the true location of the wyrmlings corpse.

High Shaman Sancosug

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