Lieutenant Rolan of the Earlanni Guard

A long-time guard in the Earlanni guard, he is a noble fighter, and a fair marksman.


Rolen has the stats of a Human Archer from H3: Pyramid of Shadows, with the addition of the Elven Accuracy encounter power.

Rolen is a gaunt elven warrior, who carries a fine bow, and is draped with long cloth. He speaks in smooth elven, and always keen and alert.


Rolan is a dedicated member of the Gatekeepers, ever since his young age. He is a young descendant of Father Tolvalis, Speaker of the Grandfather Tree, but the attention of his noble status causes him to dislike being in company. He likes the solitude of the wood, and has remained vigilant with his company for nearly 50 years.

In “Seeking the Gatekeepers”, they find Rolan’s entire patrol slain by Korred, with only Rolan, alone in the center of one of the World Gates.

Subsequently, in “The Dead of Night”, Rolan lead them through the forest to his station, where he found his entire company of elves dead. They stayed there the night, before they left for the Grandfather Tree the next morning.

Lieutenant Rolan of the Earlanni Guard

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