Nymeria Norathem

Constal of the Purple Dragons, High Knight to Mage Royal Vainrence


Level 12 Eladrin Swordmage, multiclass wizard


Given name unknown, Nymeria was raised on a pirate ship around the Nelanther Isles. Coming from Evermeet to Faerün, she was shipwrecked by the Spellplague and was the only survivor. She remembers nothing from before the wreck. She was rescued off a remote island by the pirate captain Victarion Baenre, drow captain of the Nightflyer who gave her the name Allys (Lys) Corvain. Though she was raised by Victarion, the two were close in age and eventually became partners and lovers.

Appx. 30 years went by until Lys finally got her own crew and her own ship: The Bloodhawk. The ‘Flyer and The ‘Hawk made a vicious team, attacking ships together with deadly–and lucrative–results. Victarion, however, took all the credit as he was already the more well known of the two captains. Lys began to believe that he was holding her back and keeping her from true greatness. She began to branch off, raiding ships and treasure troves on her own. Victarion turned on her, angry that she was keeping the treasure from him. She spent nearly the next 30 years in a fraught conflict with him, neither one managing to kill the other until finally he cornered her. Victarion killed her entire crew, and nearly managed to finish her off as well, but she escaped, leaving everything she knew behind, and fled inland.

For five years she ran from her pursuers. Not only did she elude their blades but also picked them off one by one, dispatching them and bringing herself closer to freedom from their pursuit. She was caught and imprisoned in a Cormyrian jail for murder when she was seen killing the last of Victarion’s men who were instructed to follow and kill her. She spent ten years in the prison before being released because of her exemplary behavior. She was given leave to join the Cormyrian military–under the condition that she choose another name. Nymeria Norathem has been in the military for the last 10 years, and recently became a part of the Imperial Eagles chapter. She is 125 years old.

The Sword Coast still tells stories of the legendary pirate Lys Corvain and the bloodthirsty crew of the Bloodhawk. To this day, no one knows how or why she mysteriously disappeared.

Formerly Lt. Swordcaptain of the Imperial Eagles

Nymeria Norathem

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