Narrows, the Theif


Narrows has a stat block in the campaign guide

Narrows is a rough looking tiefling, with a mean disposition. He talks a great deal, and scoffs at those he finds to be a waste of time.


Narrows grew up in the tenements of Loudwater, like most of his thieves. Abandoned by an ashamed mother, Narrows fended for himself as a child, wandering the surrounding woods, stealing, and hanging around with the likes of Zark, the Smuggler. Eventually, Narrows was approached by Dara, the Lady of Shadows, and he gladly took a position in the gang, making collections for “protection” payments.

In “Serpents and Slavers”, Narrows goes to collect on Calla Maran, and when she doesn’t pay, he burns her shop to the ground. As he leaves, he is followed by the Cormyrians, who capture and jail him. Subsequently, Thekla sneaks aboard the ship and kills him before he can talk.

Narrows, the Theif

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