Nalia Moonfire

Nalia Moonfire is the Magistrate of Loudwater. She is a beautiful, proud woman with a love of arcane power, tieflings, and fancy balls.


Lady Moonfire has the stats of a Cultist Warlock from Dungeon 157

Lady Moonfire is vibrant, with young energy behind her eyes, though she grows old, even in her half-elven years. Nalia most often wears long dark green or black dresses with silver or gold embroidery in sylvan patterns. She has a cheery voice, very soothing and aristocratic.


Nalia Moongem was born in Silverymoon of elf mother of the high forest. Her mother, Delphina, had come to Silverymoon to live with the human man she fell so deeply in love with. Even after the child, Delphina’s highest affections were for Nalia’s father. When he died before Nalia was even 10, Delphina was unable to bear it. She took her daughter and traveled Laruar and the Sword Coast, before making a home in Loudwater. So aloof, and stricken with grief. She settled there, selling her flowers.

When Nalia was 20, they’d been living in Loudwater a few years, and Nalia was able to get a job working for Lord Thiddole, the Magistrate. He was a harsh fool of a man, but Nalia’s learned wanderlust gave her power. Thiddole hired her as a consul, and an adviser in foreign matters. Nalia knew Elvish from her mother, and she was charming. She brought much light to the manor house, and was well liked by all. However, as soon as she was self-sustaining, her mother left her for the woods, venturing for the High Forest on her own, never to be seen my Nalia again, who cursed her name, and changed it to Moonfire in scorn of the woods.

Soon, she was seeking adventuring, and found others in Loudwater who shared her thirst, such as Yarm Goram, a thief from the tenements, Thurgar Goldarn, the town blacksmith, and a strange figure who came to town in her third year as consul, Curuvar the Brazen. These four traveled much together, venturing to famous sites across the High Moor, the Greypeaks, the coasts, and even dangerous incursions into Najara.

One day, when waking from a dream, Nalia rose out of bed, and packed for a journey. She crossed the river and ventured into the High Forest to seek her mother, heading for the Star Mounts. Her three closest friends, realizing she had left, set out after her with Curuvar’s strong magic as a guide. By midday, she had scaled the mountains, and found the mythical Fountain of Memory. Wandering into their waters, she arrived in the Feywild, and journeyed for a whole day in a stupor, lost, confused, ill-prepared, and hungry. Constantly on the run from various dangers, she eventually stumbled upon the greatest and most magnificent sight.

She was in the most fantastically large city, all built around and hanging from the most immense, majestic tree she’d ever seen. Still in a haze, she didn’t realize where she was, and was unwittingly taken to meet Queen Dydania of the Mother Tree. To this day, no one knows what has been said between them or why, but a bond was made between Nalia and the Court of the Green Fey. She awoke in a city like the one she was in, only full of elves. They recognized her gift, seeing in her untold power. They brought her to Father Tolvalis, Speaker of the Grandfather Tree, who deemed her an honored guest, delivered by their Fey allies to them as a sign. They gave her a horn with which to call for their services, and delivered her to her friends, who were still wondering the forest in pursuit of her.

Upon the death of Lord Thiddole she took on the role of Magistrate in his stead. Loudwater was in tough shape at that point, and she gladly excepted the responsibilty. Using her experience, Lady Moonfire reached out to other explorers, and made Loudwater the trade hub it is today with her weekly market days and her annual Explorer’s Ball. She loves the collection of rare items, and often pays handsomely when the heroes bring her art objects.

In “Into the Frontier”, Lady Moonfire welcomes the heroes from Cormyr and invites them to her Explorer’s Ball, offering to give them aid and assitance whenever she can.

In “Serpents and Slavers”, she introduces them to various people at her ball, such as Yarm Goram or Verselius Thaele, of the Abeir Explorer’s Guild.

In “Return to the Frontier”, she informs the heroes that Yarm Goram headed for Llork. When they return in “The Order of the Blue Fire”, they learn Nalia’s name, and she recounts her history with Curuvar the Brazen.

After “Reclaiming the City”, Nalia begins a supposed relationship with Melech Khesper, Lionar of the Iron Gauntlets. When Loudwater falls under siege during “Gwilith the Eye of Flame”, they are both turned to stone in defense of the manor.

In “Loudwater’s Lament”, Melech is turned unpetrified, and frees Lady Moonfire with a kiss, the medusa’s blood still on his lips.

Nalia Moonfire

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