Morg the Gnarled

Morg is an enourmous barbarian, incredibly rough around the edges, and unfriendly too all who are not close allies.


Morg has the stats of a Bugbear Bloodghost Hunter from Dragon 366

Morg has long hair, a massive frame, and many scars. He is always on edge, and always grumpy. He is the opposite of helpful and caring, except for many of the Earlanni elves, and of course, his own Tree Ghosts, to whom he is a loyal ally.


Morg is an enormous elder of the tribe. He grew up among the Earlanni as a young Tree Ghost, given in tribute by the humans of the forest like most of the other Barbarians. Morg has always been a close adviser to Chief Tordran of the Tree Ghosts. He grew up at the Grandfather Tree with Tordran, and has been a fierce warrior and bodyguard. He loves to accompany the Tree Ghosts on patrols, and is the first to go to war against the forest’s invaders. Morg has a suspicion of all young people and new things, and he hates anything from the Feywild. He is a powerful warden, and an unrivaled guard dog among barbarians. The only things that can warm him up is a warm, gnomish honeybrew, and a good song, but only sung by Provost Aluin Cenador, or better yet, Kethek Who-Runs-With-Centaurs. He also has an eye out for Princess Fethela, who he does not trust.

In “Among the Elves”, Morg guides them to the Elder Circle, and is very boisterous.

Morg the Gnarled

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