Marsh Laval, Proprietor of the Green Tankard

Marsh is a tall, burly dragonborn who owns The Green Tankard Inn in Loudwater. He is good natured, and helpful to the other business owners, as well as his patrons.


Marsh Laval has the statistics of a Dragonborn Soldier

Marsh is burly and tough, with Bronze scales and fiery breath. He wears a leather apron most times when he’s bartender. He speaks loudly, but seldomly, and is mostly a cheery friend to anyone looking to spend a few gold and tell a good tale.


Marsh grew up in the tenements of Loudwater, with two older brothers who worked (and still work) at the Loudwater Docks. Hating dock work, Marsh scraped enough money up working extra time at the Green Tankard to buy it from the former proprietor. Quickly welcomed as a shrewd ally among other business owners, he always seeks to get people over from the Fisher’s Friend toward his side of town.

In “Into the Frontier”, Marsh welcomes the heroes gladly to his bar, and introduces him to Sunsteen Urbeth and Curuvar the Brazen. Later, he allows them to keep the Dwarven Stepping Stones out behind the inn.

In “Return to the Frontier”, Marsh helps the heroes set up the stepping disk in a permanent place outside the Green Tankard in order to increase business.

During “The Scars of War”, Marsh (having helped lead the escape from Loudwater during the siege) is seen vying for the well being of the refugees at the waystation in The Greypeaks.

In “Loudwater’s Lament”, Marsh solemnly buries Sunsteen Urbeth, his best patron, in a grove south of the city.

Marsh Laval, Proprietor of the Green Tankard

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