Dara, the Lady of Shadows

Dara is a Dark Creeper from Shade Enclave, and the underground crime queen of Loudwater


The Lady of Shadows has a stat block in the Campaign Guide

Dara is small woman, surrounded by tendrils of shadow. She has a low, raspy voice, and huddles constantly, keeping close to dark places.


Dara is a lesser creature from Netheril. As her and other shadow creatures dispersed across Faerun, she found vulnerable Loudwater, and spend decades stealing and hunting by night before deciding to put together a crime racket in order to rot the city from within. She met Narrows, the Theif, and Thekla, a drow who she thought showed much promise, and put together a crime network, demanding pay from the shopkeepers and artisans of the town.

When the heroes arrive in “Into the Frontier”, Dara dispatches human gang members to keep an eye on them at all times.

In “Serpents and Slavers”, Brosha Manx the apothecary comes to warn her, and to bring her a gift of alchemist’s fire. As he does this, Thekla betrays them, leading in the Cormyrians and finally killing Dara, leaving her to rot in the darkness below Loudwater’s tenements.

Dara, the Lady of Shadows

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