Kyos, the Pickpocket

A shady, timid theif who sits alone and keeps quiet... or else.


Kyos has the stats of a human bandit

Kyos is young, and wears an eye patch and a hook on one hand. He is shady, and keeps his head low at all times.


Kyos is one of Loudwater’s thieves. He arrived on a boat one day from Waterdeep as a stowaway, and had a bit of success stealing bread from Calla Maran and enough gold to keep himself in the Fisher’s Friend at night. Then Thekla cut off his hand and eye for not paying tribute to the Lady of Shadows.

In “Serpents and Slavers”, Myinal meets him in the inn with Morgrim. She uses feminine wiles to get him to give up Narrows and the Lady of Shadows.

Kyos, the Pickpocket

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