Kramb, the Quartermaster

Kramb is the tall barbarian who is the Quartermaster for the Blue Bear tribe at the Uthgardt Waystation.


Kramb has the stats of a Human Murderer from Dungeon 164

Kramb is about the average size for an Uthgardt. He is stern, and strict about the trade business, having brought in much of the traders from the Five Companies to do business with the Waystation.


Kramb had a Blue Bear as a father, and a woman from Silverymoon as a mother. His mother, married with her own estate, abandoned the child with his father, and Kramb grew strong with the barbarians in the mountains. He was an unhappy child, and grew strong and gruff.

In “Voices in the Watchtower”, Kramb accomidates the heroes, letting them sleep in the watchtower overnight. He is minimally friendly to them in future encounters.

In “The Scars of War”, Kramb is seen dividing the supplies with Calla Maran among the refugees.

Kramb, the Quartermaster

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