Kethek Who-Runs-With-Centaurs

Kethek is a quiet, warm, yet strange barbarian female who is a fast runner and an able guide through the high forest.


Kethek has the stats of a Bugbear Bloodghost Hunter from Dragon 366

Kethek is manly looking, but closer study reveals her to be a female, and a pretty one at that. She wears furs, and has a wild look in her eyes. She hardly ever speaks, but seems eager to assist in a sort of odd, aloof way.


Kethek was an orphan girl raised among the Barbarians. Discovered by satyrs at the southern end of the High Forest, they brought her to a young Chief Tordran of the Tree Ghosts, who had no clue what to do with her. He decided to raise her as a Tree Ghost, and never seemed to make the distinction that she is a female. Neither has she, really. Kethek keeps to herself, except for her closeness with the forest creatures. Kethek has learned many things of the forest. One of the things she is most known for is her speed. She runs incredibly quickly, often hunting with centaurs in the forest.

In “The Fountains of Memory”, Kethek guides Captain Andrius of the Earlanni Guard with the heroes to the fountains of memory.

Kethek Who-Runs-With-Centaurs

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