Karzon Kul, Dwarven Brawler

An angry dock worker, Karzon's priorities are a good drink, a job well done, and a fight until you're black, blue, and tired.


Karzon is a rough dwarf who doesn’t take no for an answer, especially from the bartender. He has light colored hair, and countless scars from a brawl. He’s gruff, and will fight just about anyone.


Karzon is a dwarven dock worker who comes from a scarce clan of dwarves who have migrated from the East Rift over time. He prefers to drink and fight, and is always causing a fuss at the Fisher’s Friend. He’s an installation, and ironically it’s best customer. He’ll pull through when needed, but be can be quite lazy off-the-job.

In “Serpents and Slavers”, Morgrim sits to have a drink with Karzon, getting along well with him, sharing stories of the East Rift. When Nymeria, who is talking to Myinal, needs a distraction, he punches Karzon in the face, inciting a riot.

Karzon Kul, Dwarven Brawler

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