Captain Harrowleaf, Loudwater City Patrol

Wrin Harrowleaf is the stern captain of the volunteer militia that guards Loudwater. He is hard for a young man, but he cares much for Loudwater's safety.


Captain Harrowleaf has the stats of a level 3 Human Guard with the “Battle Champion” template.

Harrowleaf wears the heaviest armor he can, and carries a broadsword. He is strong, stern, and hardly ever smiles. Some chortle behind his back that he is such an old man for a human in his 20’s. He scoffs at such nonsense.


Wrin Harrowleaf grew up in the tenements of Loudwater, along such friends as Marsh Laval. He resented that his parents owned no land and worked at the docks or the manor, and he grew up with harsh disdain for the people of the tenements. Inwardly, he loves them, but this still caused him to grow course. Young Harrowleaf ran away young, ending up in Waterdeep, where he joined a nightwatch short on soldier. He spent years there, training under the sternest commanders.

Eventually, and without knowing why, he grew very homesick, and returned to Loudwater. His father was dead, but his mother still worked delivering goods on market day. He petitioned Lady Moonfire to let him start a volunteer militia. When he was allowed this, he set up a watch house, a jail, and started using his experience to train the fisherman and farmers to be strong watchmen when needed. Captain Harrowleaf has lead many expeditions to secure the farms that, although the volunteers find them cumbersome, obviously have improved the landscape.

In “Into the Frontier”, Captain Harrowleaf is weary of the heroes, but agrees to happily lock up High Shaman Sancosug. When Highknight Petrius, the Red Lion arrives, he misguidedly takes to him immediately, allowing Petrius to interrogate and “accidentally” kill one of the jailed goblins from the attack on the wall. That night, they share ale at the Fisher’s Friend, where Harrowleaf begins to suspect that Petrius is not to be trusted.

In “Serpents and Slavers” Captain Harrowleaf must reluctantly let Zark free on pardon from Lady Moonfire. He drinks himself half to death over loosing his best opportunity to put away Zark for good.

When the heroes return in “Return to the Frontier”, Harrowleaf feels overshadowed. It’s soon apparent that his services are needed.

When Loudwater is raided in the weeks prior to “The Scars of War”, Captain Harrowleaf leads his best men in a charge on the docks. He kills many snaketongue cultists and engages Ambassador Ssthisa in battle, who turns him to stone.

He is freed by the same medusa’s blood in “Loudwater’s Lament”. He takes on the responsibility of securing Loudwater’s borders for the second time in his short life.

Captain Harrowleaf, Loudwater City Patrol

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