Gwilith, Queen of the Garden of Blood

A beholder Eye of Flame, a slaver, and a shrill tyrant with a bloodlust for the arena.


Gwilith has the stats of a Beholder Eye of Flame from the Monster Manual

Gwilith is an aweful, red beholder with long eye stalks, a crest of scales on her head, and s shrill voice. She keeps a slave on hand to interpret for her at all times, as well as many handmaidens and ogre bodyguards.


Gwilith came to the Garden of Blood in Calimshan with an interest in slave trade. Mistaken as a common beast, she fought for a while in the Garden, becoming a crowd favorite. Eventually, she challanged the master of the arena in the yearly Tarsahk Tournament, killing him and claiming herself the new Arena Master. The people of the desert discovered with horrified attention her true intelligence, and she formed a relationship with Tyrin Alarazhad, a young slaver. She made the Garden of Blood into a truly ugly place, and amassed many treasures while accumulating many slaves.

In “Gwilith and the Garden of Blood”, the heroes challenge Gwilith, hoping to defeat her and take the Calimemnon Shard from her treasures, and free the love interest of Reza Khairat. She tries to call in Brugg, the Executioner to try and help her cheat, but he aids the heroes, claiming the arena for his own and restoring the dignity of the Garden before handing over the girl and the crystal.

Gwilith, Queen of the Garden of Blood

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