Grimma Finch, Alchemist

Grimma is an expert of alchemy who runs a shop in Suzail. She is very proud of her Tasty Biscuits.


Grimma is short, with red hair that grows long, which she braids. She speaks deeply and enthusiastically, and dresses well as a custom of having made so much money on the job.


Grimma is a dwarven alchemist of the east. She came to Suzail in order to study more dangerous alchemy with the War Wizards, and eventually found herself setting up shop near a town square near the barracks. Grimma is well liked, and makes plenty of money. She fancies herself a bit of a cook, and makes a hard biscuit she calls “Grimma’s Tasty Biscuit”. It tastes like a rock, but can satisfy even a dwarf for an entire day. She has three for breakfast.

In “Down the River”, the characters visit Grimma, who sells them important alchemical items, and 3 Tasty Biscuits.

Grimma Finch, Alchemist

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