Garwin the Curiosity Shop Owner

Garwin is a good natured dwarf from the Storm Horns who runs and old curiosities shop and looks after his three sons.


Garwin wears the robes of an Assistant Mage Royal of Cormyr who was slain in a border skirmish in 1239 DR, which he bought from river traders as his first collected item. He often carries a staff topped with a crystal from the Lost Peaks of the Starmounts in the high forest, and wears traditional Halruan war paint copied from a history of the lost nation that he keeps in his makeshift study.


Originally from Ungard’Ven, a dangerous hall in the dwarven empire of Tethyamar, Garwin lived a life of trade and commerce in the Karrak Hall, managin imports. When an orcish horde swept through and left his three sons motherless, he picked up what remained of his family and traveled until he could find a safe city to stay in. Eventually, he found Loudwater, and built himself a little curiosity shop. Eventually, as Ungard’Ven grew more dangerous, his brother sent his son along as well to stay in Loudwater. Eventually, Ungard’Ven was overrun by the orcs, but Garwin never found the courage to tell the boys.

In “Into the Frontier”, the goblins that attack are looking for Garwin’s horn totem. Garwin hands it over to the heroes, and directs them to the tavern so that they might have help tracking down the goblins.

In “Loudwater’s Lament”, the shop is found burned to the ground. The most valuable goods, however, survived either by being metals, bone, or in the cellar. Garwin put together his riches and retired, helping manage the stables with the boys.

Garwin the Curiosity Shop Owner

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