Ganrahast the Vigilant

A wise old wizard, Ganrahast is a touty, noble old wizard who loves Cormyr and is a wise leader.


Ganrahast the Vigilant wears long, regal robes that he finds quite slimming. He often appears stern, but this is the nature of his military position. He holds a very regal staff of his office, and always walks with Vainrence close at hand.


Ganrahast belongs to the greatest family of mages in Cormyr. A Halruan family by origin, the Orabasker family has many scions, the only two of which remaining by the 1470’s were Curuvar the Brazen and Ganrahast the Vigilant. Their noble family holds many estates throughout Faerun, the most extravagant being in the King’s Forest, where Ganrahast and Curuvar studied with elder wizards of their family. Through politics and service to his nation, Ganrahast made his way to become the Mage Royal of Cormyr. Curuvar was more brash, but had a knack for experimentation and arcane research. Curuvar was eventually sent to Thay to be an emissary and a spy.

After Curuvar returned from Thay with the news of the dreadful ritual, and Cormyr’s role in Szass Tam’s plan, Ganrahast banishes his brother to the frontier town of Loudwater to continue to research the counterspell. He is heartbroken when he discovers Curuvar’s fate at the hands of The Accordant One of Sarrak’Var.

In “The Princes of Cormyr”, Ganrahast gives a speech announcing the construction of the “Queen Sybille”, the first airship to grace the fleets of Cormyr.

During the coup in Cormyr, it is revealed that Ganrahast has been slain by Thranidox, Zulkir of Thay. In “Last Sight Vision”, it is revealed that Ganrahast left a message with his dying breath, telling Vainrence to seek his brother in Loudwater.

Ganrahast the Vigilant

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