Fethela the Scourge

Fethela is the second Princess of the Earlanni, an extrordinarily beautiful young girl close to the Provost.


Fethela has the stats of a Vampire Muse, from Open Grave

Fethela wears long green cloaks, and has very light skin. She is amazingly beautiful, and speaks in a soft, charming voice. She resembles her older sister, only with red hair.


Fethela was born as the second daughter of King Praem of the Earlanni. Her sister and her would often play games as elven princesses, and would go exploring into the wood. One day, while wandering, they encountered Trinith the Ash Queen, who was disguised as a beautiful maiden, and a kind dryad of the forest. Frightening, Thialla ran off, but Fethela stayed. Trinith became friends with the girl, and they met in secret for twenty or so years, and Fethela learned great magic from Trinith. When Trinith rebelled against her sister Queen Dydania of the Mother Tree, Fethela despaired at her disappearance.

When Trinith returned in secret, however, Fethela rejoiced, and went to see her. Trinith had brought back a special guest, who granted Fethela the gift of a great Vampiric Bloodline. She was granted the power of a fey muse, and set her sights on Provost Aluin Cenador. She has been a traitor in the war ever since.

In “Seeking the Gatekeepers”, Fethela has given a horn of calling to the Korred, in order to lure out the Gatekeepers. She then dispatches her harpies to their station to the west of the World Gate, killing about thirty elves in total.

In “Convening of the Council”, Fethela sits in the shadows by Provost Cenador’s side, watching the visitors nervously. She scolds Aluin later for supporting the heroes.

In “Among the Elves”, she is introduced to the heroes as a meek princess. As soon as she learns of their plans, she escapes to find Trinith.

In “The Fountains of Memory”, she brings harpies to the Fey Crossing and attacks the heroes before they escape into the feywild, killing more elves and sabotaging the attempt at sending up a flair.

Fethela the Scourge

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