Brother Derren of Candlekeep

Brother Derren is a young monk of candlekeep, a dedicated student of the libraries and of history.


Brother Derren is young and eager. He wears simple robes, or something heavier when traveling abroad. He is always asking questions, learning new things, or playing the lute.


Brother Derren came to Candlekeep as a farmer from the hillsides of Baldur’s Gate. An eager student in the schools of the hillside, he took a trip to do research at Candlekeep, giving them a small tome on the history of the Cimarine Isles, which he wrote himself. Sivis, First Reader of Candlekeep, was very impressed with his work, and offered Derren the opportunity to become a monk. He ecstatically accepted.

In “The Race to Suzail”, the heroes meet Brother Derren as he makes a trip to the Dalelands in order to visit the library in Battledale, where they were holding a tome for him.

In “To Candlekeep”, the heroes find Derren once again at the Uthgardt Waystation. When they arrive at Candlekeep, Derren assists Sirron Vel in research regarding the Lost Amarindar Empire.

Brother Derren of Candlekeep

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