Appraiser Darium of the Bucaneer's Tear

A short, rude man, Darium is the long-time appraiser aboard the Bucaneer's Tear.


Darium wears white robes, and is often sitting at a long desk in the navigational quarters, looking through ledgers and at nothing else. He has short hair, and no time.


Darium has been loyal to the Yargo family for ages. He has served Shil Yargo, as well as her older brother and her father. He is shrewd, good with numbers, and willing to buy anything for a few less gold than it’s really worth.

In both “The Race to Suzail” and “The Return to the Frontier”, Darium buys gems and art objects off of the Cormyrians for the right price, at one point taking a few gems from them as their toll for the trip, at Shil’s asking.

Appraiser Darium of the Bucaneer's Tear

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