Darden, Dred, and Drer, the Dwarven Stablemasters


Darden, Dred, and Drer each have the stats of a Dwarf Bolter, level 4.

Each of these boys look very much alike, resembling their father. They wear their bears long and brown, and wear leather, with rough hands from their stable work.


Moved from their home in Ungard’Ven at a young age, these three boys grew up in Loudwater. Fascinated by market life, and tired of helping their father with his shop so often, they traveled the frontier, some times with their cousin Zark when he wanted to come along. Eventually, they realized they needed horses, and with their new freedom, they learned to hunt, blaze trails, fire crossbows, and all sorts of other mischief. Loving to ride so much, they set up Loudwater’s very first stable business, pushing out the frontier’s horse thieves with force when they had to.

In “Into the Frontier”, the heroes meet Darden, Dred, and Drer when they enter Garwin’s shop, and overhear them talking about their “no good cousin”.

In “The Scars of War”, they take their horses from the waystation and go after the heroes to Krystrid’Var, drawing off wyverns with their crossbows while the heroes fought off Ambassador Ssthisa.

Darden, Dred, and Drer, the Dwarven Stablemasters

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