Curuvar the Brazen

A powerful Cormyrian war wizard, once exiled from his home, fighting again against Thay.


Curuvar has the unmodified stat blocks of Prine, from Dungeon 158

Curuvar wears old, ornate dark purple robes and a tall hat. He carries a long, gnarled staff, and has a wild look in his eyes. Under his arm, most of the time, is his tome, and he generally wears a wild grin.


Curuvar belongs to the greatest family of mages in Cormyr. A Halruan family by origin, the Orabasker family has many scions, the only two of which remaining by the 1470’s were Curuvar the Brazen and Ganrahast the Vigilant. Their noble family holds many estates throughout Faerun, the most extravagant being in the King’s Forest, where Ganrahast and Curuvar studied with elder wizards of their family. Through politics and service to his nation, Ganrahast made his way to become the Mage Royal of Cormyr. Curuvar was more brash, but had a knack for experimentation and arcane research. Curuvar was eventually sent to Thay to be an emissary and a spy.

Curuvar spent much time there, working with foreign wizards such as Thranidox, Zulkir of Thay, and Jaerle Zhan, who was later imprisoned. Curuvar worked closely with the necromancer there studying dark magic that could rehabilitate Szass Tam, Dark Lord of Thay. Eventually, Curuvar inadvertently discovered that in order for Szass Tam’s dark designs were to come about, it would take the scouring, conquering, and devouring of Cormyr. He hid this information while secretly studying a counterspell, but when Thranidox discovered him, he had to flee to Cormyr.

When he revealed what he had discovered, he was punished by Ganrahast, and banished to Loudwater in order to protect the information and to continue work on the counterspell. It was there that he befriended Nalia Moonfire, who had not yet become Magistrate, as well as Yarm Goram, a thief and Thurgar Goldarn, the local blacksmith. They went exploring quite a bit as a team, but not on any journey as fateful as their journey to the dwarven ruin of Sarrak’Var in the Greypeaks. It was here that they encountered underground plaguelands, and combated The Accordant One of Sarrak’Var. They escaped, barely, but Curuvar was badly spellscarred. This caused him to stop adventuring, and he lived his days in a near comatose state in the Green Tankard.

In “Into the Frontier”, Curuvar helps the heroes find the goblins, by leading them out to the grove where he discovered the horn totem. He then promptly flies away. When they return, he identifies the large teleportation disks as stepping stones.

In “The Race to Suzail”, Curuvar gives Myinal his tome, asking her to take care of it.

In “Voices in the Watchtower”, Curuvar communicates to the heroes through his tome, guiding them to hear the voices in the ruins.

In “Last Sight Vision”, the heroes discover that Curuvar is the brother of Ganrahast, and that Curuvar holds the secrets to stopping Thay.

In “A Ritual of Bonding”, the heroes rescue Curuvar’s orb from The Order of the Blue fire before they could bond it to two other orbs, which were subsequently brought to Cormyr and given to Vainrence, Mage Royal of Cormyr.

In “The Spellplague”, Curuvar is finally resurrected after the heroes quell The Accordant One of Sarrak’Var.

In “To Candlekeep”, Curuvar leads them to Candlekeep, where he sets up a permanent study to begin researching the Counterspell.

Curuvar the Brazen

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