Bairwin, the Chief

Bairwin is a boisterous, elderly barbaian with a kind voice and a huge stature.


Bairwin has the stats of a Human Murderer from Dungeon 164

Bairwin wears hard leather to keep him cool, and stands hefty and tall. His booming voice is very welcoming, and he wears his hair and beard long.


Bairwin grew up among the Blue Bears in the way most of the tribe has: as an orphan. Rescued from a gnoll raid on a village in the Greypeaks along with Thordred, the Hunter he grew strong and wise. Not an able bodied hunter, per se, but a great leader, Bairwin grew to be shrewd and helpful, and was an easy pick for Chief.

Bairwin has welcomed the heroes every time they have arrived at the Uthgardt Waystation, particularly in “The Race to Suzail”, “Return to the Krystrid Var”, “To Candlekeep”, and “The Scars of War”.

Bairwin, the Chief

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