Calla Maran

Calla is the Loudwater general store proprietor. She is good natured, and has always been kind and generous to Loudwater's citizens.


Calla is a pretty woman, with soft features for someone from the frontier. She wears pretty dresses and clothes, but keeps away from anything fancy. She exudes modesty, and mostly lives to make others in her community happy.


Calla grew up in Loudwater. She was an errand girl in Lady Moonfire’s manor house when she was young, and her human mother was one of Lady Moonfire’s handmaidens. When her mother passed away, Calla branched out, looking for people in the community to lean on. She started the general store, and people quickly trusted her.

In “The Lady of Shadows”, Narrows, the Theif keeps hassling her for protection money (ironically), which she refuses to offer. Narrows burns down her shop, but is immediately seized by the heroes and thrown in jail. Calla spends a week rebuilding with Marsh’s help.

In “The Scars of War”, Calla is seen safe at the Uthgardt Waystation, dispensing the scarce goods among the refugees.

Calla Maran

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