Brugg, the Executioner

Brugg the Executioner is a strong, vicious, and good-natured ogre from the Garden of Blood in Calimshan


Brugg uses the stats of an Arena Trained Ogre from Dragon 368

Brugg is a tall, burly ogre who bears many battle-scars. He wears little armor, unless he is in battle, where he wears a gladiatorial helmet and carried an enormous executioner’s axe, for which he is named.


Brugg was sold as a slave to the Garden of Blood under the old arena master. He quickly became a crowd favorite, and even after earning his freedom he continued to stay on fighting, eventually rising to the esteemed title of stable master. When Gwilith took over, he kept his job, but secretly he did not approve of her methods of running the arena. He has retired mostly from fighting.

In “The Tarsahk Tournament”, Brugg advises Sirron against taking his team in against Gwilith in the arena, knowing that she’ll play dirty.

In “Gwilith and the Garden of Blood”, Gwilith calls in ogres to save her from the heroes in their battle, but Brugg is among them. He locks out the other two ogres, and kills Gwilith himself. He takes over her job, becoming Arena Master, and hands over numerous treasures to the heroes, among them the Calimemnon Crystal.

Brugg, the Executioner

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