Captain Andrius of the Earlanni Guard

Andrius is an able captain of the guardian elves of the Grandfather Tree, also known as the Gatekeepers.


Andrius has the stats of an Archer Statue from Dungeon 156, with the exception that he is not a construct.

Andrius wears leather, and keeps leaves draped by his ears as a sign of office. He is stern speaking, and fluent in common. He can be kind to visitors, and hides his prejudices well.


Andrius is an elf of high regard in the Earlanni community. Helpful as a young boy, he was well liked, and grew to be a strong elf, reminiscent of the old days of the empire. He is very strong, fast, and committed to protecting the forest. Like most of the Earlanni, he has a contempt for Eladrin and other fey creatures. He is suspicious as a condition of his job, but is quite the diplomat. Andrius is the chief warriors of the Earlanni guard, or the “Gatekeepes” who protect the crossings of the high forest, as well as the grandfather tree.

In “Convening of the Council”, Andrius welcomes them with the first common they’d heard all day. During the council meeting, he petitions to go to the Fountains of Memory, and to bring the heroes along with him.

Captain Andrius of the Earlanni Guard

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