Alaster the Mad

A mad man from the Farsea Swamp, he babbles prophesy, carrying a long cane and uncertain power.


Alaster looks simple insane, walking low and using his long staff as a crunch. He babbles to himself constantly, often spurting short bits of prophesy. Alaster has a long beard, modest robes, and low hygiene.


Little is known about Alaster. He arrives at the Uthgardt Waystation having followed the orcs who have taken over Krystrid’Var from the Farsea Swamp.

In “The Scars of War”, Alaster prophesizes to the heroes that Rizzkozkozzik, Lord of the Greypeaks, has been turned to stone, and that they should beware.

In “Loudwater’s Lament”, Alaster has warned the heroes about Yarlizithax of the Riverbed

Alaster the Mad

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