Welcome to Shadows of Tyranny!

“I’m going to tell you the greatest tale of Faerun, and how the world of Abeir-Toril entered a New Age. My name is Vistra Alarazhad formerly of Calimshan, and I write this to you and all generations from the library of Candlekeep. Let it be known that I knew these heroes as friends, and that it is in their memory that all should know the truth of their deeds.”

Welcome to “Shadows of Tyranny”, a D&D 4th Edition campaign. This is a campaign that started in December 2008, and has been running strong ever since. We plan to conclude at the end of August 2009 at the end of Epic tier play. This campaign takes place in 4th Edition Forgotten Realms, heavily utilizing all issues of D&D Insider and every supplement to date.

Starting the end of April, when the characters began entering Paragon tier, we decided to pick up a wiki for ourselves, because the campaign is getting huge, spanning almost 100 NPCs with unique stories and personalities. If it looks a little bare, it’s because we just started on April 29th. By mid May, this wiki should be all caught up.

As the DM, I’ve got a good memory of the story thus far, and will record what we’ve done chapter by chapter starting from the beginning. I should be caught up in a couple of weeks. The Adventure Log will be told in story form from the perspective of one of the current NPCs, only about 70 years after the campaign has taken place.

Keep checking by for more information and updates, and thanks for looking in!


It should be noted that the images in this wiki are almost entirely sampled from the galleries of Wizards of the Coast and Digital Blasphemy. As I have had a paid membership to Digital Blasphemy in the past, and have contributed many hundreds of dollars to the D&D franchise (and will continue to do so), I hope that these two organizations do not mind. We love and endorse them both, and will continue to do so in the future.

The Shadows of Tyranny

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